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Site updates

2 | 10 | 2022

Added an art page, the art page is still a WIP however.

2 | 5 | 2022

Major update to the links page today, I added a ton of websites I really like, and find nostalgic.

2 | 3 | 2022

Re-organized site graphics, and images in their own folders to tidy up site organization. I also made 2 new flower pixels for the site, and added them in.

2 | 1 | 2022

Started working on the links page, and I added a new font.

1 | 31 | 2022

I started work on the other pages of the site.

1 | 27 | 2022

I created the about me page today, and found a new background.

1 | 25 | 2022

I updated the site a little more today.

1 | 24 | 2022

I updated my site again after many months of neglecting it, time will tell if I end up deleting this again to update it yet again.

9 | 10 | 2020

Site created.


Hello! Welcome to to this little corner of the web of mine. It contains my artwork, my characters (who will be getting mini webpages of their own), my favorite stuff, etc. Right now only the front page is finished, and the rest will sure follow within the next few months if don't end up procrastinating on this site again.

As of right now the site only works on computer screens, and laptops so it's not mobile friendly sorry.

Some parts of this site aren't suitable for those under 18, and may have upsetting material so tread cautiously.