Hello and welcome to my personal site, this is where I dump my personal stuff + art on. Honestly I made it to practice HTML/CSS, but I also made it as I wanted a central hub for my content + a way to get far away from social media which imo is a huge shit fest now a days. Site as of right now is still a major WIP.

recent updates

1 / 2 / 2021

Recently within the past few weeks I updated the sites front page, got rid of the old one, and made some new website art. I swear I have updated this sites front page so much it's not funny, but I feel like I got it to where I like it now.

I was originally going to have a front page where it was going to just be 1 picture, an enter button to the website itself, and a background; however I eventually decided it was pointless which is why I got rid of it.

I plan on working on the actual sites pages soon, as I feel like I got my front page to looking how I want it now for the most part; so look out for more updates on the site soon within the next few weeks hopefully!