Previous year updates

2023 updates

  • I finished a ton pages like the chat page, index page, etc.
  • I added a ton of new graphics to site like lil cacti pixels, a front page title, an index picture, etc.
  • tweaked the coding a ton of times, and made them all work on mobile.
  • I made a working navbar that looks good!
  • I made a button marquee, and then got rid of it as I didn't like it
  • Got started on the about me directory, and began work on the oc pages
  • Added a link page full of cool links
  • The 404 not found page was finally finished, and ready to be seen!
  • Added a questbook page for the site!
  • Even older updates

    2020 - mid 2023

    It's unknown what time, but this site went through many many revamps during these 2 1/2 years, there was also months long inactive periods of no updates to the site. Theres no point in listing these updates as they're irrelvent, and lost to the revamps/remakes over time anyway. Mid 2023 is when I decided to go back to the site, and try to finish it.

    9 / 10 / 2020

    The day the site was born!