⛥ Basic Info ⛥

GENDER/PRONOUNS Cis female she/her ORIENTATION Unknown
SPECIES Eharion panther HEIGHT leopard size

† About the character †

Senka was a eharion panther ( which is a now defunct species I made ) that was originally going to be the protagonist of the Eharion chronicles time-line before the current ones Badger Razen, and Roxanne Mckenzie came along. She had a neuerotic paranoid demeanor, and assertive personality as she couldn't stand being treated like a doormat which is pretty much all I gave her personality wise before retiring her. In the story she comes into conflict with Captain Blackclaw's group the Vendetta crew, and the resulting conflict was what the original plot the Eharion chronicles story I was going to go with before I changed it later on.

† Inspiration/Design conception †

| First design

This was senka's first design had red markings on the design, this design for senka was originally inspired by the pokemon Houndoom along with the look of a black panther. This is why this character in this stage of development had horn-like ears, and a spade tail with very dark black fur all over her body. She also has 2 pointy fangs which I added simply for the cuteness factor, and red eyes with blue pupils as it fit the characters color scheme by a lot.

The reason why she was created was becuase I felt like my story was seriously missing a protagonist, because ever since I quit role-playing years ago I missed the rivalry dynamic I had going on with someone I used to rp on a game called impressive title whom of which was captain blackclaws rival. I decided to recreate that with my ocs within my own story, as I feel like that was what seriously missing from the story.

| Second design

This design is mostly the same, but has white markings around the eyes. This design of senka also has 1 fang instead of two unlike the last design which had 2 pointy fangs, this design also has stripes on the tail along with some subtle ones on the ears.

| Current design

This is senka's current, and possibly final design. ( if she stays in retirement forever that is). I decided I didn't like the look of the markings on the character, and just decided to make her all black instead. I readded the pointy fangs from the last design, and kept the eyes which stayed consistent on her since the beginning.

† Reasons for being retired †

Senka was simply retired because I eventually found her to be very boring, I eventually ditched her for newer, better, more interesting characters which are roxxy, and Badger whom are characters I ' clicked ' with way more then I did with senka.

She was also ditched as I just wasn't vibing with the dynamic she had with blackclaw, and I also had a growing need for a enemies to lovers kind of thing which personally just didn't fit their dynamic. Eventually badger was made who in my opinion was a better fit for that particular dynamic, as he was just more attractive, and interesting then senka ever was to me.

† In conclusion †

Senka was just another character that I loved for a while, and promptly ditched for better newer characters. This doesn't however mean I don't love this character as I still love all of my retired characters, but at the moment her home is in the retirement bin.

Maybe one day I will find a new idea for her, and that is when she finally comes out of retirement with a new purpose in my stories, even if this new purpose is to be a minor character which is very likely what she will be used for in a story.

⛥ Trivia ⛥

  • Senka's name if I remember right is a serbian name meaning shadow.
  • Senka was one of the ocs I made before I did the major story/world change, and was retired before that happened, which is why she doesn't have an anthro form unlike the other ocs.
  • For a short while I sorta shipped senka with blackclaw, but I decided to drop the ship as I wasn't vibing with it.
  • Senka's actual intended canon mate was going to be Whitestripe another oc of mine.
  • Senka's species eharion panther was going to be the one of many species I was going to put in my world, but I have since retired it also.
  • It is unknown what sexuality Senka is because I kinda never really gave her one, but its obvious she is capable of having romantic feeling due to her love for whitestripe.

⛥ Relationships ⛥


◄ Arch nemesis ►

Senka hates this guy with the heat of a thousand suns, and thinks he the worst thing to ever walk the earth pretty much.


◄ friend ►

Senka's bestie pretty much.


◄ Enemy ►

Senka thinks hes annoying as shit, and alva pretty much thinks the same thing of senka herself not liking her one bit either.


◄ Boyfriend ►

Senka's boyfriend, or what was going to be her boyfriend before she was retired.


◄ Friend ►

One of senka's friends mairin, she met him through her boyfriend whitestripe.


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TRAUMA: - Mr.kitty I HOPE YOU FALL APART: - Mr.kitty
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Senka's current ref as of right now.



An icon of senka that I originally made for toyhouse.



A transparent picture of senka I made a while back.



An old picture of senka, this one in my opinion is still a good looking picture.



An old picture of senka, this one in my opinion is still a good looking picture.



An old picture of senka, this one in my opinion is still a good looking picture.