⬵ Basic Info ⤁

NAME Mairin ALIASES Mair, or Mai
SPECIES Leucrotta HEIGHT 7 feet tall

❖ About the character ❖

Mairin was another one of Captain Blackclaw's former rivals, he was a slave/mine worker in the vendetta crew back before I revamped the story into something else. In the story he tried to start a failed uprising, but he eventually escaped during a flood bringing Whitestripe along with him where they eventually journey together afterwards on their own adventure.

Mairin had a scottish accent, and had a sorta grumpy ornery disposition as a personality. His backstory was that he came from 1000 years from eharion's past to it's present after getting into a fight with his brother who I never gave a name to. Which in hindsight, this backstory doesn't really make any sense, but y'know I was a teenager when I made him so it makes sense why it doesn't?

Supposedly according to one of my old refs I made his original family along with his brother die of a plague after he left his time-line, and that was what happened to his family after he left. Anyway yeah that is basically the gist of Mairin here pretty much, and his nonsensical backstory that my teenaged self made for him.

❖ Inspiration/Design conception ❖

| First design

Mairin has an even older design this one which is this one here before the ref I made above, however it wasn't an official ref of this character, so the one above is the real one. This design had a blue nose, blue markings, and yellow stripe down his body, while the other had braids on him. The ref also had extra stripes on his legs, and a top marking on his tail, both versions also had white eyes.

Mairin was kinda created out of the need for giving Blackclaw a rival at the time, and basically give him a ' foil ' to him in the story as it was lacking conflict for the main character or villian villian other then inner conflict within the group. His backstory was obviously inspired by Samuri jack a 2000's cartoon about a samuri going into the future to stop the villian, but different as Mairin's backstory was way more random + nonsensical than Samuri jack's plot.

| Second design

This design of mairin was next, and I dropped the yellow markings along with the white eyes as I didn't like it later on deciding that green looked better as an eye color instead of white. This was also when I decided that mairin would be adventuring with Whitestripe as I wanted Mairin to have his own story basically, as I loved him that much, he also still also hangs out with him when Whitestripe eventually gets together with Senka living within another group with each other.

| Current design

Eventually later on I decided to simplify his deisgn getting rid of most of the markings only leaving his facial, tail, and leg markings. This is his most current design, and probably the last design he will get unless I take him out of retirement one day.

❖ Reasons for being retired ❖

I simply lost interest in him, and after many story/worldbuilding changes he was basically retconned out of the story as he no longer made sense in the world I created anymore. Also the newer characters badger, and roxxy ended up being way more interesting characters to me than he was anyway.

❖ In conclusion ❖

Mairin still has a cool design, even if that is all that is what is going for them at the moment for me as I mostly forgot his old personality, and frankly in my opinion not my favorite kind of backstory for a character, yet I still love him like I do all my characters.

Mairin himself is retired, but his species the leuctrotta I brought back as a non sapient/non talking species in Eharion, but however its unlikely I will bring back Mairin themself. At most I will probably bring him back as a cameo, a one scene wonder, or a blink or you will miss it moment in my stories.

⬵ Trivia ⤁

  • Mairins name is a feminine gaelic name meaning either star of the sea, rebellious, or bitter.
  • Mairin and whitestripe's journey together after they escaped vendetta was going to be a spin off of my original story, but I ended up scrapping it entirely later on as I couldn't think of anything for it + lost interest in it entirely.
  • Mairin's unnamed brother was created to be a religiously fanatical character that mairin's beliefs clashed with, hence why they didn't get along.
  • Mairin's species are true hermaphrodites not unlike a slug, they still have pronouns/genders however hence why mairin goes by he/they.
  • Mairin is a leucrotta, which is a medevial creature found in old manuscripts, I am using pliny / Gaius Julius version for mairin however. This beast is also well known in the dungeons and dragons universe like many other mythical creatures too, which that version can be seen here.
  • I was going to give Mairin a friend a while back that was monkey or lemur-like, and liked to sit on his shoulder braiding his hair, I decided against it as I ended up not caring for the idea.
  • Mairin was retired before the story was revamped, so therefore he doesn't have an anthro form like most retired characters.
  • If I remember right, the portal that zapped mairin to the future was a left over portal built by humans to get back and forth from the main world to Eharion. It was malfunctioning as it brought him to the future instead of Agalorix however. I eventually mostly scrapped this idea, and did something else later on instead for my world.

⬵ Relationships ⤁


◄ Arch nemesis ►

This guy has been a big negetive influence on Mairins life ever since he met him.


◄ Friend ►

Mairin feels sorry for this girl, and wants to help her.


◄ Friend ►

Whitestripe is another individual he wants to protect from Blackclaw along with senka.


◄ Enemy ►

The most annoying individual to ever exist to Mairin.


❖ Mairin's small pixel art ❖

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❖ Blinkies ❖


CAN'T STOP A RIOT - Neuroticfish SONG NAME - bandname
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An icon of mairin I originally made for toyhouse.



The most recent ref of Mairin.



A drawing of mairin I did a while ago.



A bigger picture of mairin that has a landscape, and right by him is whitestripe.



An old ref of mairin I made a long time ago.



The oldest ref I ever made for mairin, this was made when I was a still a minor pretty much, and the page is full of old info on mairin too.



The oldest surviving drawing of mairin I ever drew made way back in 2010, and is a traditional drawing instead of a digital one.