Hello! Welcome to Feral's world!

This site was made by a demon furry that is pretty much new to coding in general, so expect this site to possibly change over time.

Right now this site is a work in progress! Just so you know it has some javascript features on it, so it might be broken on browsers that block it or don't use it.


  • 11 / 26 / 23 Made a todo list page as a reminder for what to do next on updating the site!
  • 11 / 23 / 23 I have finally finished the picture for the 404 not found page!
  • 11 / 22 / 23 Ok now out of my haitus, and back to working on this website! I am currently trying to finish my 404 picture which almost finished.

    I finally just ended up hosting my sites files on neocities itself instead of using an external image hosting site, and I tweaked the sites coding to be way neater than I had it earlier.

Changelog page for older updates!

Todolist/What to update next.