Hello! Welcome to Feral's world!

This site was made by a demon furry that is pretty much new to coding in general, so expect this site to possibly change over time. Right now this site is a work in progress! Just so you know it has some javascript features on it, so it might be broken on browsers that block it or don't use it.

Just so yall know I am a code first, and add art/details later on kind of person so there is a ton placeholder/art images on the site which will be replaced later on with actual art once I get around to it.


  • 6 / 24 / 24 Mairins character bio is now finished! It can be viewed here. 🍀
  • 6 / 9 / 24 I decided to add a little extra to the char bios such as a playlist for the character 📻
  • 6 / 8 / 24 The first ever character bio ( senka's ) is finally officially finished! You can view it here if you want.
  • 6 / 5 / 24 The content part of the first oc's ( senka ) bio is finished, and now all I have to do is make it pretty over time.
  • 6 / 1 / 24 Since guestbook123 is shutting down I made an atabook, and replaced the old guestbook link with it, RIP guestbook123 🪦.
  • 5 / 29 / 24 After a while of simple updates, I remade the link page, and got started on the character bio for senka!
  • 4 / 5 / 24 Nvm on the corner art, I can't get the code to work so that will come later on I guess.
  • 4 / 4 / 24 I added 2 placeholder images to the retired character pages, and index page. why? Bc I am planning some corner art for those places soon :D
  • 4 / 3 / 24 I created bios for all of the characters for the retired character pages to code/decorate in the future, as of right now they're blank pages however.

    I finished all the link pixels for the characters on the retired character page!
  • 4 / 2 / 24 More graphical updates to the retired character page!
  • 4 / 1 / 24 Coding for the oc directories are finished + optimized for mobile, and also I replaced some of the pictures with new place holder images I made myself.
  • 3 / 30 / 24 All of the coding for the oc directories are done, except the mobile optimization which I will do later, all of the art for the pages will be made over time once I get to working on them all.
  • 3 / 29 / 24 I am now done tidying up the older pages code! Reason why I did that is to make it easier to edit, and make it less messy. I will now get started on a placeholder background for future pages soon.
  • 3 / 28 / 24 Started to fix some of the coding on this site for the hundredth time, I also just now started to code the page for retired OCS.
  • 3 / 15 / 24 I added more pages to be worked on for the My ocs worlds, I plan on these worlds having their own unique backgrounds, and the characters listed will have clickable pixel art of them as links to their char bios.
  • 3 / 10 / 24 I added some new fonts to some pages, I was originally just going to draw these, but its taking to long atm, so I decided to just to use the custom fonts I have for now for it instead. I may change it in the future, but atm, I will be going with this.
  • 2 / 23 / 24 Added a section of the site which will be used for comissions in the future.

Changelog page for older updates!

Todolist / What to update next.